25 Oct 2014

MatrikaS Magic

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Writing means sharing. It's part of human condition to want to share things -thoughts,  ideas opinion
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"MatrikaS" a newly and fresh website in an online market. "MatrikaS"-a word derived from sanskrit terminology which means "Mother", denoting the powerful energies. "MatrikaS" is  a complete package of stationery products mainly items related to paper products and also provide the same with great qualities which can be appreciated by its user just in one glance. As I am a law student and I deal with paper products in my daily work routine and being a daily user of paper products I really can understand the worth of better/best quality of papers. MatrikaS paper products are just an amazing one with beautiful embroidery on the cover page and a very thick pages which will mesmerize any writer's heart in a second.    

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Few months ago when I was doing my Internship at one law firm I realised an amazing fact that if you want to start your own law firm then the primary element which an advocate should think and arrange is "Stationery Products"; And when we talk about diaries then surely MatrikaS diaries are best to use as the paper qualities are so good and thick which will attract your mind and you will not get bored to update your legal diary too. There was a time when I used to not to like to update my office diary as the shape was not proper and if you using and your pen is little hard then the prints of first page depicts on the other page which almost destroy your handwriting beauty.   

I work in a law firm as a Legal Intern I understand the basic requirements of law firms and paper products are usable in daily routine or you can say Law firm can not work without Paper Products for eg. Full Scape Papers, Diaries, Daily Planner Diary, Files, Note- Books, Journals, Office Stationery etc. Now let's discuss the personal experience of MatrikaS products


The adorable lady
This is just an amazing product which I have received from MatrikaS treasure. The Page qualities are just an amazing thing which one can feel in one glance. The cover of this diary has depicted a beautiful picture of the adorable lady Ms. Mother Theresa. The creativity made on this diary is a true example of paper art work. When you open the diary then you can see the "Personal Memoranda" page where you can write your personal stuff. The moment you open the next page of this diary you will get to know about a short biography of Mother Theresa which is really a very informative part and one can enjoy a thorough reading of it. The other pages of the book has beautiful titles in which you also can write your personal stuff for eg. Books to be read, works to be accomplished, Places to be visited.  


Chota Pocket Bada Dhamaka

It is beautiful green small size diary having a cover title of "CUBE WORKS". First page has a title of "Personal Memoranda" where you can write your personal stuff. Then the next page has Index title where you can see three title; Date, Activity, and Page.You can manage you daily task in this small diary as the size of this diary is so convenient that one can easily carry every day. In the last page of this there is one small pocket where you can keep some important visiting cards, tickets and any small paper related stuff. Once again I will mention that the paper qualities are really amazing and crafts made on the cover is the best part. 

3.   6 SUB-A4-C

This is the most beautiful work which I have ever seen in my life. The diary has beautiful colour, craft work, design and especially the design around the diary will mesmerised your mind.
Stunning Diary by MatrikaS
The wonderful page quality and design made by awesome MatrikaS can win your heart just in a glance. My dad who usually keep one diary during Diwali for his Business transactions and he considers that particular diary as a Diwali charm and this time I thought to give him this wonderful diary as this was the best diary which I really liked from the bottom of my heart. He was very happy when I gifted him such a beautiful diary and I hope this diary will make his year a wonderful one the beauty & charm of this diary may give grace to his business.

Treasure of MatrikaS

This is also one of the jewel from MatrikaS treasure which is consist of white smooth papers covering part is of different varieties of daily stuff which are depicted on its cover and sings a story of an ordinary person like me. The stuff which it has on its cover page are Pen box, Computer, Temple, Bus, Fan, Bulb, Car, Flag, Globe and many other things which are indescribable. This work tells a story of an ordinary writer who sees this small stuff in his life and its a daily routine stuff of an ordinary person. This diary is really a touchy, Simple & graceful one.      

MatrikaS Magic Land

MatrikaS Products

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Special Thanks to SFA Print (P) Ltd. & warm regards to Matrikas Paper Products


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    1. Thank you so much Mr. Sumeet. Glad you liked it.


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